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The answer is Volume Discounts, since we deals with large number of shipments every day with different major international and domestic courier companies and on the volume of our shipments they offer us special discounted rates and we simply pass the most discounted rates to our customers.



1- Firstly, for a quote we will require the following details

   a) The Length x Width x Height (volumetric size)

   b) Total Weight of Shipment (preferably in Lbs)

   c)  Estimated Value of shipment

   d)  Determine the Inside Contents of shipment


We will provide you the pricing quote in writing, and once you agreed with the delivery cost we will proceed further for Shipping.Please note,This is a Online Service and we do not accept any shipment drop off at our location. Also,to reduce the cost of shipping and to provide the best rate and service for your shipment,we will arrange a free pickup from your location and will ship directly to the processing center for the quickest shipping possible.


2- Once we received all required information and the delivery charges, we will email your Tracking number and Pickup way bills labels, all you have to do is to make a printout and attached to your package. There will be at least one way bill printout for Documents and at least three way bills  three  commercial invoices printout for Non Document (Anything more then 5lbs is considered a Non Document) If you don't have a printer ,you can still make a printout from any close by Public Library or from any printing shop.


3- Shipper will be RESPONSIBLE for proper packaging and INSIDE CONTENTS for your shipment, and everything has to be LEGAL and accepted BY LAW.  After that we will schedule your shipment for pickup and will set a time which is convenient for you (business hours only) .Please note that we offer DOOR TO DOOR pickup and delivery services and currently we do not accept any drop off at our location since your shipment has to be picked up from the provided shipping address. You must inform us in writing if you want to INSURED your shipment and there will be some extra charges applied.



Delivery Charges does not include any CUSTOM DUTY, you have to pay any duty charges that might applied to the shipment. Also if your shipment gets ON HOLD due to any reason for example a custom duty or incomplete shipping information, we will work with you to resolve the matter asap and will required some additional information towards your shipment. This process could delay the shipping process and Asap Courier Express will not be responsible for such delay.


5- Refund Policy: Return Shipment to Shipper

If for any reason Asap Courier Express cannot deliver a parcel and returns it to the shipper, a charge equal to the delivery rate will be applicable if shipper wants to resend it again. And also once the shipment gets scanned by the way bills, no refund will be applied. If there are any objections to shipments being made to the delivery address provided by the customer shipper will be charged equal at the time of return. For any refund and cancel the order, customer should immediately contact us lastly should avoid not scanning the shipment when pickup staff comes to your place. Once the pickup is done there will be no chances to cancel the order or no refund will be processed.


6-INSURANCE/LOST OR DEMANGE:All International shipment including packages,parcels or baggage shipped through ASAP Courier Express is insured according with the international airlines for loss or visible damage by their own policy . Any claims must be made to us either by phone, or email at





1-SAME DAY COURIER SERVICES: (Must place your order before 11am)

 Pickup and Deliver Same Day when order placed


2-NEXT DAY COURIER SERVICES: (Must place your order before 3pm)

Pickup Same Day and Deliver Next day any time before day ends


3-Please Note: All above mentioned courier delivery services are depending upon availability for on calls or last minute customers as some times we got extremely busy with our regular clients, but we still try our best to accept new on call inquiries and will try to serve them as well same day or next day.


4-INSURANCE/LOST OR DEMANGE: ASAP Courier Express will not be responsible for any damages to any shipment since we cannot check physically a boxed  shipment,  Client must insured their shipment  on additional charges, Please contact us for any further information.


5-DOCK TO DOCK SERVICE:We can easily pickup from a dock level shipping area and can deliver same day to the receiving dock level destination.


6-SPECIAL SKILLS: We are very specialized to deliver your product in some conditions where some special skills are required.Please let us know if you need to deliver your items on a certain location (ex:A basement delivery) There will be additional charges will be applied according to the condition of the Job and time spent.



The shipper agrees to pay Asap Courier Express all shipping charges, in the event the consignee refuses to accept shipment or refuses to pay for a collect shipment. There will be a No refund in case of Returns for any reasons. There will be same charges applied again if courier go to a location has an incomplete address or moved to a new location. Its customer responsibility to provide correct pickup and drop off information.

Asap Courier Express reserves the right to refuse any Dangerous Goods shipment for any reason. Materials that require placards will not be carried by us.



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